Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Second Semester

Whew!!!!  What a ride!!!!

Well, we're officially 6 months into our homeschooling adventure!!!  It's UNBELIEVABLE to think how much has changed and shifted since we began.

I rest comfortably in the arms of Christ and the knowledge of my homeschooling sisters.  The changes not only in homeschooling, but in our family have been quite literally the stuff of miracles.

Since it is, indeed, a New Year and a new decade, I thought it might be a bit fun to recap both what has been accomplished IN my life in this decade and what has been accomplished in the past year.

When I entered 2000, DH and I had just barely started dating by a few days. :)  I was still living at home with my parents and going to college.  DH and I got engaged near the end of 2000 and I married into the military in 2002 and had DS in 2003.  DH was deployed in 2004 and wounded on Jan. 26, 2005.  Jan 2007 he was medically discharged and shortly after started with BNSF as a foreman.  April of that year saw our move to Montana.

My how far we have come!

This past year, in Jan, DS was still in ps and I was fighting with the teacher daily and threatening to pull him out at least once a month.  In May, I finally made good on my word swearing those doors would never darken his mind again.  In August, I began to meet many of you, my dear homeschooling friends and embark on a new adventure.  During August was also when they began the diagnosis process for TBI as well as the treatment phase for DH's other disabilities.  By November, he was already diagnosed and I was already picking out curriculum with DS.  :)

Hard to believe it, but on Jan. 25th, he will be in treatment for the TBI and our lives will be moving forward again.  In 3 days we start our new curriculum for homeschooling and "officially" begin working on making everyone's worlds move forward.

Thanks for hanging in with us - it's been a WILD 6 months but we know we're exactly where He wants us to be and precisely placed by His divine wisdom.

Our prayers go out to all of you for the New Year and Decade.  May peace, joy, and hope reign in your life through His will.

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