Monday, January 4, 2010

Workboxes: Day 1

Schedule in boxes:

Box 1: Weather Station (where he records the time, temp, and current precipitation)
Box 2: Science Reading sheet (w. Mom)
Box 3: Spelling List
Box 4: Make January Calendar (color the page and copy the numbers on (then bring to Mom to put on important family events)
Wii Fit
Box 5: Math U See Manipulatives play (we make Decimal Street tomorrow)
Box 6: Explode the Code
Box 7: Leapster - Jedi Math (for 15 min) - which he opted out of - fine with me. :)
Lunch (a fatal error)
Box 8: History Reading (w. Mom)
Box 9: Skip Counting CD

And that was our day.  With the exception of Explode the Code (not Explode the Code problem - flashback to K in ps problem), it went GREAT up until Lunch.

And then I let him eat

It was a healthy lunch!  HONEST!!!

And I just couldn't get the focus back for the other two activities.

So about 4 songs into the CD (which he normally LOVES), Mom dismissed him for the day.  30 minutes later after I'd calmed down about the gremlin that had infiltrated my child we sat down and had a discussion about how we could make it better for tomorrow.  He said have lunch a bit later and do everything before.

And I thought - I have a wonderfully bright child.

So we've adjusted the plan and I'll let you know.

Even WITH these interruptions we FLEW through school. :)  Good stuff these boxes!!!!

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