Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Shout Out to Two Wonderful Homeschooling Resources

As some of you may have already heard, we will be transferring shortly to workboxes/workfolders.  Upon deep consideration I purchased Sue Patrick's Workbox System ebook and I have to say I was IMMENSELY THRILLED with what it has taught me!  If you're looking for more information on the system or just some GREAT homeschooling advice in general, GET THIS BOOK!!!!

Okay, now onto something else - with homeschooling coming under attack nationwide and our upcoming barrage of travel I sat down with DH today and briefly discussed the idea of HSLDA.  Okay, I admit, I stacked the cards in my favor by reading a few of the horror stories in states we will be visiting as well as our own here.  Then I told him it was ONLY $10 a month to join.

He jumped on it and told me to fill out the application immediately.  Pending approval, we will now have HSLDA on our side should we have ANY problems.  That peace of mind is immense as I have GREATLY feared taking homeschooling on the road with some places even enacting "no children in public places during public school hour" laws (how asinine is that!?!?!?)

Plus, once we get our IDs, DS will have an "official" student ID and Mom and Dad will have "official" teacher IDs for all the perks and lack of hassle they will bring!

GO US!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Launching a Website!!!!

Go Purple Heart Academy!!!

Lots of people seem to be interested in the fact that we homeschool on the go and how we make it work...

...and apparently they think I'm funny too!

So, far be it from me to deprive the world of more me. :) lol

We will be launching a website soon!!!! We will have ebooks of homeschool inspiration as well as helpful hints and tricks for those dealing with WAY more than "What color should I paint my classroom?" (although we'll likely play with that a bit too!!!

As soon as it is launched, visit often for updates and new materials! We will also be launching the "official" curriculum of Homeschool Candy as well as a supplemental history program!

Go Purple Heart Academy Go!!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Pics

Alright - at request we are posting some fun Christmas pics of our family to the blog. :)

Mom loves educational gifts!!!  Thanks Grandpa Bernie!


The Tree before being tackled. :)

A SUPER cool book of The Night Before Christmas complete with an audio reading by Papa. :)


When considering implimentation of our "new" school schedule and a recent announcement of an increase of work in my normal "load", I am SERIOUSLY considering making the conversion to workboxes.

We have "played" at this with "workfolders" previously - but I'm really thinking the boxes may very well be the best way to go.

This will (please GOD) allow him to work fairly independently for tasks that don't "require" Mom and for those that do, I can mark those boxes with a special "sticker" of "with Mom". 

He's already very intersted in becoming more independent and to be perfectly honest, I like the idea.  It seems "useful" to me.  On the other hand, if it doesn't work out, I'm going to end up with 9 boxes with no real purpose in our home.

So now I'm considering using a file box.  I have one that's rather old but picking up a new one would be FAR less costly than all the boxes.   Plus, I would have the advantage of it being "travelable" which is, as those of you who are here often already know, VERY important.

So I think we're going to be a WorkFiles family.  Most of his "school" is worksheets anyway or would fit in there.  And that gives me a little elbow room to do what needs to be done without too much difficulty.  And again, PORTABLE. 

Did I mention how much I LOVE "portable"?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Merriest of Christmases

At our home, Christmas is so important to us.

For DH as a child, Christmas was a time of happiness - a small bright spot in what was otherwise a frankly normally rather miserable year.  He seldom talks about his childhood unless he's talking about Christmastime.  Hanging lights, putting up the tree, the whole thing was very important to him and has remained so as he grew into adulthood.

For me, childhood Christmases brought family and friends from near and far to celebrate.  Christmas was for joy and family time - being together, singing carols, and LOTS of traditions.

Merging our two Christmas worlds when we got married made life...umm....challenging. :)  I was concerned about adopting all my traditions and leaving out his.  It's taken us 7 years together, but we've finally ironed much of it out by this Christmas.  Often we have 3 trees (one for each of us), this year, DH and I combined our trees.  Normally there is a train of some kind underneath it - this year that was put aside for simplicity. 

I sit here on Christmas Eve afternoon feeling immensely blessed.  Under the tree is filled with presents as it glitters and shines with Hallmark-Lionel train ornaments and my collection from around the world.  I smell the cookies baking in the kitchen in a joint effort, primarily by DH and DS, somewhat from me when there are recipe questions.  There are probably enough there for an Army already but stopping them just feels silly.

The old claymation movies are on tv and the blankets I made for this year already gracing the couch.  Overall it's a happy, quiet peaceful Christmastime.

I wish the same for you and yours.  Not so much that you cannot take it all in, but just enough to make you smile and reminisce.  Thinking about the years past and the years to come but mostly basking in the glow of THIS Christmas season.

The merriest of Christmases from our family to yours.  However you choose to celebrate today, whatever you do, wherever you go - may His peace be with you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Letter to You from Jesus

It has come to my attention that many of you are upset that folks are taking My name out of the season.

How I personally feel about this celebration can probably be most easily understood by those of you who have been blessed with children of your own. I don't care what you call the day. If you want to celebrate My birth, just GET ALONG AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Now, having said that let Me go on. If it bothers you that the town in which you live doesn't allow a scene depicting My birth, then just get rid of a couple of Santas and snowmen and put in a small Nativity scene on your own front lawn If all My followers did that there wouldn't be any need for such a scene on the town square because there would be many of them all around town.

Stop worrying about the fact that people are calling the tree a holiday tree, instead of a Christmas tree. It was I who made all trees. You can remember Me anytime you see any tree. Decorate a grape vine if you wish: I actually spoke of that one in a teaching, explaining who I am in relation to you and what each of our tasks were. If you have forgotten that one, look up John 15: 1 - 8.

If you want to give Me a present in remembrance of My birth here is my wish list. Choose something from it:

1. Instead of writing protest letters objecting to the way My birthday is being celebrated, write letters of love and hope to soldiers away from home. They are terribly afraid and lonely this time of year. I know, they tell Me all the time.

2. Visit someone in a nursing home. You don't have to know them personally. They just need to know that someone cares about them.

3. Instead of writing the President complaining about the wording on the cards his staff sent out this year, why don't you write and tell him that you'll be praying for him and his family this year. Then follow up... It will be nice hearing from you again.

4. Instead of giving your children a lot of gifts you can't afford and they don't need, spend time with them. Tell them the story of My birth, and why I came to live with you down here. Hold them in your arms and remind them that I love them.

5 Pick someone that has hurt you in the past and forgive him or her.

6. Did you know that someone in your town will attempt to take their own life this season because they feel so alone and hopeless? Since you don't know who that person is, try giving everyone you meet a warm smile; it could make the difference.

7. Instead of nit picking about what the retailer in your town calls the holiday, be patient with the people who work there. Give them a warm smile and a kind word. Even if they aren't allowed to wish you a "Merry Christmas" that doesn't keep you from wishing them one. Then stop shopping there on Sunday. If the store didn't make so much money on that day they'd close and let their employees spend the day at home with their families

8. If you really want to make a difference, support a missionary-- especially one who takes My love and Good News to those who have never heard My name.

9. Here's a good one. There are individuals and whole families in your town who not only will have no "Christmas" tree, but neither will they have any presents to give or receive. If you don't know them, buy some food and a few gifts and give them to the Salvation Army or some other charity which believes in Me and they will make the delivery for you.

10. Finally, if you want to make a statement about your belief in and loyalty to Me, then behave like a Christian. Don't do things in secret that you wouldn't do in My presence. Let people know by your actions that you are one of mine.

Don't forget; I am God and can take care of Myself. Just love Me and do what I have told you to do. I'll take care of all the rest. Check out the list above and get to work; time is short. I'll help you, but the ball is now in your court. And do have a most blessed Christmas with all those whom you love and remember :



Blissful Blessings

DH came home this AM and announced he wants to bake with DS tomorrow...but needed ingredients.  Since I wasn't going to be purchasing anything illegal (Santa Contraband) he asked if I could bring DS with me and I inwardly groaned at the prospect of fighting through the malls and Wally World with him whining at my side.

But I brought him along anyway and off we ventured across snowy roads for the 30 mile drive to town.

First stop was Wally World for Hershey's Kisses, Ice Cream, and other Christmas baking necessities.  We picked up some bows to spruce up our gifts and some gift tags as well as some extra little things to help make the holidays a bit brighter.

And then I thought - I think I'd like Chinese...

The only decent place in town (and I use the word decent in a very liberal fashion) is located "dum-da-dum-dum-DUM) IN the mall. 

And it's 3 days until Christmas.

The parking lot was fairly full but Christ smiled upon me and I got a good parking space.  We went in and ate lunch. 

And the Lord said, "Go to the bookstore".

And I said, "Are you INSANE???"

But I went to the bookstore anyway and lo and behold there was this adorable little girl there who DS befriended immediately.  Her grandmother owns the store and they went up to the office to watch movies.  Their little laughter could be heard throughout the entire shop bringing a merrier tone as people smiled listening to two small children laughing hysterically in the background of Christmas carols.

Using my new found freedom I began to wander aimlessly through the aisles and aisles of books, Bibles, and music.  She also has a small area for homeschool curriculum which I pondered and peered at.  I spent much of my time helping answer questions like "Is Prince Caspian IN The Chronicles of Narnia or ABOUT The Chronicles of Narnia?"  Apparently having an extra Mom available in the store was an asset and I earned a free hot chocolate for DS. :)

And God said, "Go back to the Homeschooling Books".

And again I said, "ARE YOU INSANE???" but went anyway.

So I shuffled through them all again. History, Science, Language Arts...books on how to homeschool, WHY to homeschool, different types of homeschooling. 

In reality this only takes up 5 shelves on a fairly short area less than 8 feet long but since there's only 1-2 of each book there it takes awhile to properly peruse.

And as I picked up a book about classical education I saw there was another hiding behind it.

"The Organized Home Schooler" by Vicki Caruana.

And God said, "Pick it up".

And I said, "Okay".

And I picked it up and read the back, perused the Table of Contents and thought - hmmm....

If EVER I needed 1 homeschooling book in my arsenal...

God interrupted, "THIS IS IT".

And I said, "Okay".

So I decided to carry it around the store a bit and see if it grew on me.  Yes, I had the money to spend, but wanted to use those $$ for curriculum and not a book for ME.

And the more I thought about it the more He said, "THIS IS IT".

So I carried it with me up to the coffee counter (did I mention this particular Christian book store has a coffee shoppe inside?  Fabulous!) and the barrista looked at my selection and said, "Oh!  I have that book and just love it.  It hasn't helped me a BIT because I have to DO what it says, but I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful."

And God said, "SEE???"

And I responded, "Well, we've only been homeschooling for a few months and I thought it just might help me get going."

And the cashier (the barrista's sister - both daughters of the owner) said, "Oh, you're just getting started.  If you can only buy 1 book, that's the one I'd pick!"

And God said, "SEE??????"

And then my coffee was done and the barrista asked if I wanted the book too and I could feel God glaring at the back of my head so I handed it to her and purchased the book and the coffee.

And the owner smiled at her daughters and said, "There's a table over there if you would like to read it while your son finishes watching the movie."

And God said, "SEE????????"

So I went and sat.  I only got a few pages into the book before I had to go but for the first time in probably nearly 6 months I felt relaxed and whole.

God saved me today with a book and a good cup of joe. 

Merry Christmas.  May you find your little piece of peace this Christmas Season.

December - the month of long nights and significantly less sleep

So I have noticed a pattern in my behavior since DS's revelation on Dec. 9th...I'm becoming a neurotic nutcase.

You will note the time of this blog posting is, to say the very least, on the verge of obscene.

Want to guess what I've been doing since 9:00??

Plotting how to make 2 years of science and history curriculum fit into 18 months (13 w. summer break).

Have I gone completely crazy - quite possibly.

While doing my plotting and planning I took the liberty of googling different subjects and hunted down side info and strumbled on something that may just solve my late night dilemma... service days.

How, you ask, did I miss this little tidbit of epiphany previously???

Not sure - but clearly Christ had a reason for waiting until 1:00 AM today to reveal it to me.

So, if you're not already familiar with this concept, allow me to explain.

Many of us attend homeschool conferences as an opportunity to enrich both our homeschooling and our own lives.  We have the chance to meet with friends, research options for the upcoming year, and in general, recharge our schooling batteries.

I, like so many other moms in rural areas, don't have that option available.  Traveling to the nearest homeschool conference to where I live that I would even consider attending would likely be a multiple day affair - and that's just getting there.  The expenses of such a trip would more than double my yearly homeschooling costs.

So, as you can see, recharging my batteries the "normal" way is simply not an option for me (and neither is running to the store for tylenol in the middle of the night because someone is ill - sorry - you'll have to wait until the AM and deal with Mom's homemade remedies until then).

So, what's a Mom to do?

Well, this Mom is scheduling her first "in service day" imminently.  Obviously this week is out with Christmas in only a few days.  But NEXT week a little bird told me this morning that DH has an extra day off...

...."in service day" for Mom?  Possibly.  But if there's one thing being the wife of a PTSD/TBI/disabled veteran has taught me, time to myself isn't time to myself when he has DS.  I love him - please don't get me wrong ladies I love him with all my heart....but he can't handle home.  EVER.



So, the option becomes how/when.  Since I already have the remainder of this year covered I have developed one last plan before I say bon soir and take my very tired eyes and hands to bed.

This summer, when I go home to visit my family, I am saving up my $$.  I will give myself a 2 day teacher "in service" from the time I get up and put my bag in the car until the following evening.  Because they live in the middle of EVERYTHING I can likely go to curriculum shops as well as get wifi just about anywhere and, as an added benefit, everyone there has a POA so unless it's life or death there's no need to disturb me.

Okay okay - so my "in service" isn't going to be just about homeschooling.  It's going to be about making ME a better teacher and, subsequently, a better Mom and better wife.

And I don't think it's possible to put a price tag on that feeling. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Final Curriculum Change for the 2009-2010 School Year 2nd Semester


Alright - after much debate, reviewing, more debate, more reviewing, lost sleep, headaches, exhaustion, frustration, more reading and reviewing, and falling over a shoe the Purple Heart Academy is proud to announce our official curriculum for the Spring Semester of 2010.

Explode The Code
Beyond The Code

Math U See  - Alpha

Story of the World 1
History Pockets - Ancient - as a supplement

 R.E.A.L. Science - Life
Magic School Bus - Journey Into The Human Body as a supplement

With setting up the timing, the History and Science curriculums will take us through Spring Semester 2010 and Fall 2010 as well as Spring 2011!

Once we're finished with EOC/BOC we will move into 1st Step Creative Writing courses - likely sometime in the next school year with the way he's flying through stuff.

I would like to say a special thanks to everyone who has put up with my rambling for the past few weeks.  Each and every last one of you deserves a gold medal.

Unfortunately you'll have to settle for a smile....and my gratitude. :)

As we prepare to embark on this upcoming journey into the new year and the 2nd half of our first year of homeschooling, I just wanted to share one of my FAVORITE passages with you:

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

1 There is a time for everything,
       and a season for every activity under heaven:
 2 a time to be born and a time to die,
       a time to plant and a time to uproot,
 3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
       a time to tear down and a time to build,
 4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
       a time to mourn and a time to dance,
 5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
       a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
 6 a time to search and a time to give up,
       a time to keep and a time to throw away,
 7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
       a time to be silent and a time to speak,
 8 a time to love and a time to hate,
       a time for war and a time for peace.

This season has, in many ways, been a time for most of these things.  Thank you, each and every last one of you, for sharing this journey with me.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Many Blessings of Homeschooling

So DS comes to me two days ago and announces "Mom, I just don't feel that I'm LEARNING anything - could we try something else?"'re 6.

So we got into a discussion of what he would like to DO and what he would like to SEE and what he thought would be good/helpful/etc.

And then Mom took that information and armed with the internet searched out her "original plans" for switching to "real" curriculum in January after 6 months of unschooling/deschooling/mish-mosh of curriculum.  And thought it was all good.

And then she thought about it again and pulled up the websites.  Yup - still sold on Math U See - check.  One down.

Looked again at the "core curriculum" we were looking at using - 1st Step - which was, to me a-ok.

And then I looked closer and READ the descriptions and decided maybe elementary wasn't right - maybe starter for 1 semester and THEN elementary.

So I went in and looked at starter.  And thought - hmmm....well, don't need this, don't need that - he already knows this, he doesn't need that....

And ended up with a VERY holy curriculum - as in with holes, not Christ-like.

Well, that just wasn't going to do but I'd get back to that in a bit.

Onto handwriting - the only other curriculum I had "pre-selected".  I went in, I read, I looked at reviews on Cathy Duffy and several other sites.

And I thought - this is great - we'll keep this and add the reading and phonics to help round out curriculum.

And that night I went to bed at 5:00 AM.

To wake up the next morning at 9:00 AM and start ALL OVER with the questioning.

On and on this went for now 3 days straight until I arrived at what seemed like a good plan somewhere in the middle of this afternoon.

So, if you're interested and have managed to make it through this much rambling, here it is:

First Steps
Starter Creative Writing II
Starter History: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient India and China, and Ancient Rome

Math U See
Alpha - (scared about not using primer but it seems too baby - not all that sure yet - may just order both and resell the one I don't use)

Explode The Code
Still a toss up of where we're starting but at least I know this is what we're using - possibly with Beyond the Code - maybe not - still debating that one....

Science - well, let's just say I've officially decided for the remainder of the year I'm going to pick everyone else's brain and let Grandpas and Daddy handle the rest.

And there I sit - at 10:42 PM after 3 whole days of pouring over I don't know HOW many sites.

Oh yes - and it's already in a rubric to complete the year....

....just so I can fling it all out when the curriculum gets here and rewrite it. I can fling it all out again after 2 weeks with the curriculum and change it. I can fling it all out yet again and start from scratch.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Alright - I LOVE homeschooling and I LOVE my son.


For the first time in history I have had neither the help of relatives or school to get DS out of my hair so I can make it through the holidays.

The baking is piling up, the presents aren't wrapped, and I'm getting VERY close to the end of my rope.

The house is a mess, the tree isn't up, and I have GOT to get to the dough that was supposed to chill "overnight" but has been in the fridge for 2 days because of my lack of energy to go and roll it out.


I'm feeling very GRINCHY.

DS ate all of my peanut butter twice, the dog stole the bag of coconut for the Santa cookies.  SOMEONE ate half the wheels for the gingerbread train....

....why do I DO THIS??!??!?!?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cookies cookies everywhere!

I'm drowning in cookie dough - gingerbread, sugar, cream cheese, chocolate....
.... and so it sits.

We're still loving our homeschool journey and had an impromtu lesson on wind chill, temperature, frostbite, and hypothermia today - did I mention I'm freezing????

Monday, November 30, 2009

One holiday down.... many more to go.

Got the kitchen recovered from Thanksgiving yesterday and the bathroom has been located again.  School plans took a dive in the opposite direction of where we planned but we're A-OK with what we're doing now.

DS's room is on the docket for this weekend as well as getting the rest of the cleaning done and Christmas moved back in/down/and up.

This week, however, holds something much more special.

Tomorrow is Dec. 1st and we will be kicking off the Christmas season.  Nothing is more precious to me than this time of year and the momories it brings.  It's so beautiful and wonderful to me to be able to celebrate this time with our little family in unique and beautiful ways.  This year we will be inviting a family over for Christmas Eve and Day - I hope they join us.  NOTHING would make me happier - and I hope they bring their appetites.

Tomorrow we will begin the season by making some cookies - just DS and I - he needs to practice his "skills" before we move onto the "keepers" and gingerbread houses....thinking of making some ornaments too.

Blessings, Peace, and Love this season to each and every one of you....the sun has set on November and anxiously awaiting the rising of the sun on December tomorrow.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Blessings Falling Alert!!!

This week has been one blessing after the next for our family!!!

The "useless" appointment last week turned out to be far more useful than we thought.  They allowed us to complete a small portion of the TBI exam in advance hoping to trigger something in the system and make it work quicker.

If only we knew what that 30 min. would do for us....

On Monday we received a call from the Poly Trauma Unit in Billings.  We were extremely surprised to learn that:


WHO KNEW?!?!?!?!

They were calling to set up appointments with us to create a treatment team and treatment plan!!!  Wanted to know what we needed help with, etc. etc. etc.  We were thrilled.  They said they would call back when they had the appointments scheduled.

Lo and behold they called TODAY!!!  Everything is already scheduled for Jan. 25th (1 day before DH's 5 year anniversary of getting wounded).  We even found out if there are weather issues that we can go down the night before and they will cover a hotel room for us.  Too cool!!!

Called to actually talk to someone at travel reimbursement because we were only able to leave a message.  They had already processed it and the check should be on the way.

We're still waiting for one last blessing, but after all these, one can't HELP but feel like they are walking with GOD.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home again....

We're home!!!!!

Yesterday went well, but wasn't what we thought.  Yesterday was the OEF/OIF in depth screening.  Which was, for the most part useless and told us yet again that he's flagged for TBI.

The most useful part of the screening was when we learned how to go about the process of the actual diagnosis for TBI.  Which means, unforunately, that we must file a disability claim or they will not continue with further testing.  Not such a good thing.

So tomorrow we will be filling out the official disability claim and praying they don't take that as us begging for him to be 100% and unemployable.

Please pray for us through this process.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Secret

It dawned on me tonight once J was asleep and J3 was in bed that it had been a very long time since I had taken a bath.

Yes, I shower regularly, but I'm talking about a BATH.  You know, like you see in the movies.  Lights low, candles lit, bubbles...nice music in the background.

Okay, you can stop laughing at me now. :)

No, really - stop laughing.

I know it's a dream for most of us.  Between juggling house and home, homeschooling and work, grading papers and gardening taking time for a BATH is nearly impossible.

However, today, I have reached the impossible dream.  I have, amazingly enough, taken a BATH.


How did I reach the impossible dream?  Simple - I waited for everyone to go to bed and be asleep!!!

That said, it makes me feel more empowered to ask for a bit more time for me.....

Maybe tomorrow when they're all conscious again.....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Worksheets and Nosebleeds

While I wait for what feels like FOREVER for the doctor's office to call me back I figured I would give you an update on what's happening at the Purple Heart Academy and a little background about our family.

We are the Purple Heart Academy.  We homeschool on the fly in the car, doctor's offices, waiting rooms, and occasionally actually IN our home.  We hope very soon to have a family room/schoolroom in our home for us to all be together and enjoy each other's company.

We'll start from the beginning, J (husband) served in the Army for 12 years.  We were married in 2002 in Illinois (my hometown - Chicago!) and greatly enjoyed our military life. 

We quickly became pregnant with J3 and he came into our world in July of 2003.  Having suffered a severe head injury at only 6 weeks of age, J3 continued to learn and grow while struggling with his motor skills.  Shortly thereafter, J had to start training to deploy to Iraq.  He was deployed in February 2004 and was wounded in action on Jan. 25, 2005. 

DH suffered permanent shrapnel injuries to his right leg from mid-thigh to mid-calf.  He also retained shrapnel beginning at his left shoulder going down his left arm and then moving up his right hand to halfway to the elbow.

During the process of J's recovery, it became more and more clear that J3 had a motor skill learning disability. While he was three and already beginning to read, he struggled to play like normal children and do the things "they" expected him to do.

I can't tell you how many appointments we have had with physical therapists - nor do I wish to try to go back and count!! :)

In Dec 2006, J was medically discharged from the Army from his wounds.  It was a long and hard time for our family but he found a WONDERFUL job with a railroad which has brought us to far northern Montana where we currently reside.

J3 began preschool apprehensively at the age of 4 and while his teacher was kind, regular school wasn't working well for him.  His disabilities (by now diagnosed as dyspraxia and dysgraphia) made it difficult for him to make friends.

Against my better judgement, I allowed him to continue to Kindergarten thinking moving from the private school to the public school closer to our home would be better.  We live in the sticks so the classroom sizes are very small (only 10 kids) and I thought he may benefit from the special needs program.

Was I ever wrong.  His 1 year of public school has resulted in trauma that we are still dealing with 6 months after it ended.  I keep praying for it to be over and for him to recover and little by little, he is. :)

He is ridiculously bright.  He finished an entire year's curriculum in 3 weeks (computer based) and retained 90% of we're now doing unit studies until we can afford to purchase new curriculum which, I am excited to announce, will be taught in our new family room/schoolroom!

2 weeks ago, he would still cry at the sight of a pencil and then I got the following "letter" from him. He had been threatening to run away from home, so this was quite the surprise for Mom.

Translation: I think I won't go.  I think I will stay.

Warmed this Mommy's heart. His fear of writing was beginning to subside.

Starting yesterday, he became a worksheet addict.  However, he is having these horrid nosebleeds that are preventing worksheet work.  So he's getting very frustrated with the nose.

So that's where we sit now.  J getting tested for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), J3 struggling with being exceptionally bright, dyspraxic, dysgraphic, and having nosebleeds.....and Mom trying to hold it all together. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Welcome to our blog!  We are a homeschooling family of 1 child who is 6 years old.  He is "double exceptional", gifted as well as dyspraxic and dysgraphic.  We've only been homeschooling for a few months, but we know this is the best decision for our family after J3 left public school after one year.  We're still "ironing it all out", but with God's help, we will triumph over this like we have over every obstacle in our way!