Monday, November 30, 2009

One holiday down.... many more to go.

Got the kitchen recovered from Thanksgiving yesterday and the bathroom has been located again.  School plans took a dive in the opposite direction of where we planned but we're A-OK with what we're doing now.

DS's room is on the docket for this weekend as well as getting the rest of the cleaning done and Christmas moved back in/down/and up.

This week, however, holds something much more special.

Tomorrow is Dec. 1st and we will be kicking off the Christmas season.  Nothing is more precious to me than this time of year and the momories it brings.  It's so beautiful and wonderful to me to be able to celebrate this time with our little family in unique and beautiful ways.  This year we will be inviting a family over for Christmas Eve and Day - I hope they join us.  NOTHING would make me happier - and I hope they bring their appetites.

Tomorrow we will begin the season by making some cookies - just DS and I - he needs to practice his "skills" before we move onto the "keepers" and gingerbread houses....thinking of making some ornaments too.

Blessings, Peace, and Love this season to each and every one of you....the sun has set on November and anxiously awaiting the rising of the sun on December tomorrow.

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  1. lol wanna tackle my kitchen now rofl.
    Hard to believe tomorrow is December 1st,