Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm often quoted as saying I "Seuss-School". On a boat, on a train, in a car, on a plane.


Many Moms ask how we keep going "on the go" so often and don't miss a beat when it comes to DS's outstanding education. I'm often asked when I pack for a trip "Where are you going NOW!?!?!?!" lol It cracks me up but truth is we both like being on the go and relish our chances to explore the world.

Here's how we make it happen.

When we're on the road, we use an expandable file folder with 13 pockets. Those pockets include EVERYTHING that needs to be accomplished for the day. He can do them in any order he wants, I don't care. I just want it accomplished before bed, the end of the car trip, whatever. In those pockets are everything from a worksheet or two, to a science experiment that can be performed at a stopping location, to a history lesson involving another stopping location for the day, to directions to complete a computerized lesson, to a deck of cards for a game of Rummy.

These "activities" serve two purposes.

1. I survive the trip without needing to use duct tape. :)

2. He schools on the go with VERY little help from me. He can keep himself busy and occupied. He also has the added ability to physically SHOW others that homeschooling WORKS.

About a year ago, we were taking Amtrak to visit family. We like to hang out in the lounge car. Lots to see and do and we usually get into conversations with all KINDS of entertaining humans. DS curled up in a seat and since there weren't any kids around settled down playing his Leapster while a talked with an elderly lady and a college student.

The older woman looked over and said, "What's that game thing he's playing with?" DS hopped over and showed her his Leapster, explaining the features and letting her see what it did. After he went back to playing on his own she turned to me and said, "I had NO idea things like that existed! Why, kids don't even need school anymore! They can teach themselves!!!"

I could have burst with pride.

YES, he can teach himself. I'm THRILLED he can do it. I'm ECSTATIC he WANTS to do it.

And I'm very happy that he's keen on doing it on the go.

Now I'm off to create another Seuss-School plan for this week when we take another 2 day train ride. Not sure we'll be doing much off board with the weather but I think a unit study on the Mississippi River might be fun.... :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Children Will Learn When They're Ready To Learn

How many times have you heard that thrown around a Homeschooling board???

Quite by accident, we have proven that right.

Our little student struggles with math. He's 7, ahead in everything but math and writing.

In November when my family was visiting, they were well meaning, but very concerned about his math. He was struggling with basic addition....greatly.

In Dec, I threw my hands up at schooling and took that month off because J2 was home from work. J3 spent his "schooltime" playing JumpStart and Leapster Explorer.

We just ran through a set of addition flash cards - 0+0 thorough 12+12 - 55 random problems. Guess who got 54 out of 55?



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