Friday, January 15, 2010

Water Pumps, Mr. Mom, and Val's Radiator! Oh My!

So our trip to Billings for an appointment was, to say the least, an adventure. I can, however say that if it weren't for the water pump on the Jeep deciding to blow up as we coasted into Billings, we would never have had the opportunity to meet the wonderful people at Val's Radiator who are truly wonderful and amazing human beings.

The owner of Val's was kind enough to give us a ride to our appointment while they worked on fixing our Jeep and while in the car, he brought up how thrilled he was that I was able to be a stay-at-home Mom who homeschooled and told me he didn't envy my job.

Which made me briefly reminisce about last summer when Jeff took J3 for 7 whole days while Mom went home to visit family and work at a conference.

Which reminded me of the song "Mr. Mom" by Lonestar. I thought to post the lyrics here for those of you who need a smile.

"Mr. Mom"

Lost my job, came home mad.
Got a hug and a kiss and "That's too bad."
And she said, "I can go to work until you find another job."
I thought, "I like the sound of that!
Watch TV and take long naps.
Go from a hard working Dad to being Mr. Mom."

Well, Pamper's melt in a Maytag dryer,
Crayons go up one drawer higher,
Rewind Barney for the 15th time,
Breakfast 6, naps at 9.
There's bubble gum in the baby's hair
Sweet potatoes in my lazy chair
Been crazy all day long
And it's only Monday, Mr. Mom.

Football, soccer, and ballet
Squeeze in Scouts and PTA
And there's that shopping list she left that's 7 pages long.
How much smoke can one stove make?
The kids won't eat my charcoal cake.
It's more than any man can take being Mr. Mom!

Well, Pamper's melt in a Maytag dryer,
Crayons go up one drawer higher,
Rewind Barney for the 16th time,
Breakfast 6, naps at 9.
There's bubble gum in the baby's hair
Sweet potatoes in my lazy chair
Been crazy all day long
And it's only Monday, Mr. Mom.

Well before I fall in bed tonight
If the dog didn't eat the classifieds
I'm gonna look just one more time....

Cause, Pamper's melt in a Maytag dryer,
Crayons go up one drawer higher,
Rewind Barney for the 18th time,
Breakfast 6, naps at 9.
There's bubble gum in the baby's hair
Sweet potatoes in my lazy chair
Been crazy all day long
Oh! Been crazy all day long
And it's only Monday, Mr. Mom.

Balancing checkbooks, juggling bills,
Thought there was nothing to it
Baby now I know how you feel
What I don't know is how you do it!

Honey, you're my hero!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Psalm 23 for Homeschoolers

written by Heather A. Hummert

The LORD is my Principal, I shall not want.

He maketh me to rest in my Bible, He leads me beside other homeschoolers.

He restoreth my soul.

He guides me in the paths of curriculum in His name's sake.

Yea, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of CPS, I will fear no evil, for HSLDA is with me;

My Rod and Staff, it comforts me.

I prepare a table daily for the presence of my children.

He annoints their heads with knowledge; my cup overflows.

Surely goodness, mercy and love shall follow me all the days of my life,

And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life's Inevitable Interference (and a Workbox Update)

Well, we now know 3 things.

1. Trying to school when Dad is home and awake is completely pointless.
2. We will now have a 4 day school week...I give up.
3. We are officially in LOVE with our Workboxes.

And there is something to be said for the amount of "schooling" that happens off the books.  I learned LONG ago to include this in my "state hours" because I was seriously shortchanging DS if I followed the "school only happens during school" mentality.  For example, as I write this he and I are "passing notes" ala Kiddie Study Hall.  But he's writing willingly and spelling well.  Making sentences, using grammar.  Why shouldn't it count!?!?! :)

Now - as for life - I've decided officially that trying to school 5 days a week may be ideal for the public school system but it is not, indeed, ideal for MY school.  Neither is trying to take Sat./Sun. off when Dad is off on Wed./Thurs.

That said, we will not have a "normal" school week for us until mid-February anyway so there's no point in trying to create "the perfect schedule" when one can, in fact, not be implemented and/or tested anytime in the near future.

And so, on that note, I have taken the effort to wing it on a slightly more "advanced" schedule.

Here's the game plan.

Every week we will complete:

30 min. of reading a day me to him (regardless of school day/no school day)
20 min. of reading a day him to me (regardless of school day/no school day)

Approx. 1 Chapter of Story of the World
Approx. 1 Unit of R.E.A.L. Science
4 pages (2 printed back to back) of Explode the Code per day (until we hit a block where it gets difficult)
1 session of some kind of Math U See working together and/or independently
1 page per day of "work" of A Reason for Handwriting

and 1 lesson from Beyond the Code every 2 weeks (unless he really enjoys it and then we'll do one a week - I'm flexible)

And that's it.  The rest is fluff.  Art projects and extra reading, playing on the Leapster and sculpting with MoonSand.  As long as I can accomplish the above (and I KNOW I can), I'm home free. :)

And I'm happy with that.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blessings Falling Alert and Workboxes: Day Two

Special shout outs to the following lovely and wonderful people in my life:

My dear friend Cynthia who has offered to take on extra babysitting to help us get through this CRAZY appointment schedule.

My neighbor Ben who was kind enough to dig out our driveway from the snow with his front end loader so I can leave the house at will again. :)

My son - who spotted Ben and went immediately to write him a thank you note.

Workboxes: Day Two

Whew!!!  WHAT A HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!  Now if I can just get Dad to lay off the Wii during school hours (part of why we're needing a "schoolroom" I'll be in business!

Even with that said, we got everything done by lunchtime (despite a late start) and today we accomplished:

Box 1: Weather Station
Box 2: 1 page from Explode the Code (will be 2 tomorrow - wanted to see what happened when we removed the sheet!)
Wii Sports
Box 3: Art (cutting and pasting)
Box 4: Skip Counting CD
Box 5: Moon Sand
Box 6: Spelling Activity
Box 7: History Reading with Mom
Box 8: Create Decimal Street (we start Math U See soon so this gives him a chance to orient himself while we're waiting for the student books to arrive.)
Box 9: Science Lab with Mom

Wow - what a difference!!!  Creating Decimal Street (as a lapbook by the way) took WAY more time than Mom had planned so we stopped for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich break and went back to work.  Still done in time for "lunch" even though we'd already eaten because we were so hungry!!!

Today was nearly flawless and brought me right back to the reasons I chose to try this in the first place!  It's so beautiful to see something so simple in action.

Oh, we had a question about "filling" the boxes - for me, I schedule a week in advance and do my printouts and put them in a folder organized by date.  Then it's just plug and play.  It takes me less than 15 minutes to set them up each night, about 1 hour of planning and printing a week.  That's it!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Workboxes: Day 1

Schedule in boxes:

Box 1: Weather Station (where he records the time, temp, and current precipitation)
Box 2: Science Reading sheet (w. Mom)
Box 3: Spelling List
Box 4: Make January Calendar (color the page and copy the numbers on (then bring to Mom to put on important family events)
Wii Fit
Box 5: Math U See Manipulatives play (we make Decimal Street tomorrow)
Box 6: Explode the Code
Box 7: Leapster - Jedi Math (for 15 min) - which he opted out of - fine with me. :)
Lunch (a fatal error)
Box 8: History Reading (w. Mom)
Box 9: Skip Counting CD

And that was our day.  With the exception of Explode the Code (not Explode the Code problem - flashback to K in ps problem), it went GREAT up until Lunch.

And then I let him eat

It was a healthy lunch!  HONEST!!!

And I just couldn't get the focus back for the other two activities.

So about 4 songs into the CD (which he normally LOVES), Mom dismissed him for the day.  30 minutes later after I'd calmed down about the gremlin that had infiltrated my child we sat down and had a discussion about how we could make it better for tomorrow.  He said have lunch a bit later and do everything before.

And I thought - I have a wonderfully bright child.

So we've adjusted the plan and I'll let you know.

Even WITH these interruptions we FLEW through school. :)  Good stuff these boxes!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Workboxes - Ahoy!!!!

After diligent arguing with velcro we now have found that workboxes can be a success - if you buy velcro that is already sticky.

Aside from that temporary hang up, our workboxes have been a success!  DS was so excited about them that we're doing a mini "training day" with a little "mini schedule" of 10 slots and 4 boxes (just so he can see how it all really works).

It's going VERY well!!!

Once we have the boxes set up and ready to rock for tomorrow this evening I will be back to post pictures of what it all looks like and how it works.

Tomorrow get ready for the Workfolders post!!!!  Tomorrow we will be debuting our "workfolder" project which is workboxes with a space saving, travel friendly, and budget friendly spin.

And we'll do a cost comparison of workboxes to our workfolder system, since we have done both in our home!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

And here we go again!!!

Well, looks like my well laid plans just got thrown another few wrenches.

The good news is the VA has already scheduled disability compensation hearings.

The bad news is that one of the two appointments we can't make without DH having to take more time off work.

And he can't take more time THIS MONTH because of all the OTHER appointments we have scheduled.

So...umm.....welcome to my world.  How do I fit two more road trips in before I take a trip home....

.....and can I maintain my sanity in the process.

For more information on what's going on, please visit:

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Second Semester

Whew!!!!  What a ride!!!!

Well, we're officially 6 months into our homeschooling adventure!!!  It's UNBELIEVABLE to think how much has changed and shifted since we began.

I rest comfortably in the arms of Christ and the knowledge of my homeschooling sisters.  The changes not only in homeschooling, but in our family have been quite literally the stuff of miracles.

Since it is, indeed, a New Year and a new decade, I thought it might be a bit fun to recap both what has been accomplished IN my life in this decade and what has been accomplished in the past year.

When I entered 2000, DH and I had just barely started dating by a few days. :)  I was still living at home with my parents and going to college.  DH and I got engaged near the end of 2000 and I married into the military in 2002 and had DS in 2003.  DH was deployed in 2004 and wounded on Jan. 26, 2005.  Jan 2007 he was medically discharged and shortly after started with BNSF as a foreman.  April of that year saw our move to Montana.

My how far we have come!

This past year, in Jan, DS was still in ps and I was fighting with the teacher daily and threatening to pull him out at least once a month.  In May, I finally made good on my word swearing those doors would never darken his mind again.  In August, I began to meet many of you, my dear homeschooling friends and embark on a new adventure.  During August was also when they began the diagnosis process for TBI as well as the treatment phase for DH's other disabilities.  By November, he was already diagnosed and I was already picking out curriculum with DS.  :)

Hard to believe it, but on Jan. 25th, he will be in treatment for the TBI and our lives will be moving forward again.  In 3 days we start our new curriculum for homeschooling and "officially" begin working on making everyone's worlds move forward.

Thanks for hanging in with us - it's been a WILD 6 months but we know we're exactly where He wants us to be and precisely placed by His divine wisdom.

Our prayers go out to all of you for the New Year and Decade.  May peace, joy, and hope reign in your life through His will.