Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life's Inevitable Interference (and a Workbox Update)

Well, we now know 3 things.

1. Trying to school when Dad is home and awake is completely pointless.
2. We will now have a 4 day school week...I give up.
3. We are officially in LOVE with our Workboxes.

And there is something to be said for the amount of "schooling" that happens off the books.  I learned LONG ago to include this in my "state hours" because I was seriously shortchanging DS if I followed the "school only happens during school" mentality.  For example, as I write this he and I are "passing notes" ala Kiddie Study Hall.  But he's writing willingly and spelling well.  Making sentences, using grammar.  Why shouldn't it count!?!?! :)

Now - as for life - I've decided officially that trying to school 5 days a week may be ideal for the public school system but it is not, indeed, ideal for MY school.  Neither is trying to take Sat./Sun. off when Dad is off on Wed./Thurs.

That said, we will not have a "normal" school week for us until mid-February anyway so there's no point in trying to create "the perfect schedule" when one can, in fact, not be implemented and/or tested anytime in the near future.

And so, on that note, I have taken the effort to wing it on a slightly more "advanced" schedule.

Here's the game plan.

Every week we will complete:

30 min. of reading a day me to him (regardless of school day/no school day)
20 min. of reading a day him to me (regardless of school day/no school day)

Approx. 1 Chapter of Story of the World
Approx. 1 Unit of R.E.A.L. Science
4 pages (2 printed back to back) of Explode the Code per day (until we hit a block where it gets difficult)
1 session of some kind of Math U See working together and/or independently
1 page per day of "work" of A Reason for Handwriting

and 1 lesson from Beyond the Code every 2 weeks (unless he really enjoys it and then we'll do one a week - I'm flexible)

And that's it.  The rest is fluff.  Art projects and extra reading, playing on the Leapster and sculpting with MoonSand.  As long as I can accomplish the above (and I KNOW I can), I'm home free. :)

And I'm happy with that.

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