Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blessings Falling Alert and Workboxes: Day Two

Special shout outs to the following lovely and wonderful people in my life:

My dear friend Cynthia who has offered to take on extra babysitting to help us get through this CRAZY appointment schedule.

My neighbor Ben who was kind enough to dig out our driveway from the snow with his front end loader so I can leave the house at will again. :)

My son - who spotted Ben and went immediately to write him a thank you note.

Workboxes: Day Two

Whew!!!  WHAT A HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!  Now if I can just get Dad to lay off the Wii during school hours (part of why we're needing a "schoolroom" I'll be in business!

Even with that said, we got everything done by lunchtime (despite a late start) and today we accomplished:

Box 1: Weather Station
Box 2: 1 page from Explode the Code (will be 2 tomorrow - wanted to see what happened when we removed the sheet!)
Wii Sports
Box 3: Art (cutting and pasting)
Box 4: Skip Counting CD
Box 5: Moon Sand
Box 6: Spelling Activity
Box 7: History Reading with Mom
Box 8: Create Decimal Street (we start Math U See soon so this gives him a chance to orient himself while we're waiting for the student books to arrive.)
Box 9: Science Lab with Mom

Wow - what a difference!!!  Creating Decimal Street (as a lapbook by the way) took WAY more time than Mom had planned so we stopped for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich break and went back to work.  Still done in time for "lunch" even though we'd already eaten because we were so hungry!!!

Today was nearly flawless and brought me right back to the reasons I chose to try this in the first place!  It's so beautiful to see something so simple in action.

Oh, we had a question about "filling" the boxes - for me, I schedule a week in advance and do my printouts and put them in a folder organized by date.  Then it's just plug and play.  It takes me less than 15 minutes to set them up each night, about 1 hour of planning and printing a week.  That's it!

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