Sunday, January 3, 2010


Workboxes - Ahoy!!!!

After diligent arguing with velcro we now have found that workboxes can be a success - if you buy velcro that is already sticky.

Aside from that temporary hang up, our workboxes have been a success!  DS was so excited about them that we're doing a mini "training day" with a little "mini schedule" of 10 slots and 4 boxes (just so he can see how it all really works).

It's going VERY well!!!

Once we have the boxes set up and ready to rock for tomorrow this evening I will be back to post pictures of what it all looks like and how it works.

Tomorrow get ready for the Workfolders post!!!!  Tomorrow we will be debuting our "workfolder" project which is workboxes with a space saving, travel friendly, and budget friendly spin.

And we'll do a cost comparison of workboxes to our workfolder system, since we have done both in our home!!!!

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