Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Secret

It dawned on me tonight once J was asleep and J3 was in bed that it had been a very long time since I had taken a bath.

Yes, I shower regularly, but I'm talking about a BATH.  You know, like you see in the movies.  Lights low, candles lit, bubbles...nice music in the background.

Okay, you can stop laughing at me now. :)

No, really - stop laughing.

I know it's a dream for most of us.  Between juggling house and home, homeschooling and work, grading papers and gardening taking time for a BATH is nearly impossible.

However, today, I have reached the impossible dream.  I have, amazingly enough, taken a BATH.


How did I reach the impossible dream?  Simple - I waited for everyone to go to bed and be asleep!!!

That said, it makes me feel more empowered to ask for a bit more time for me.....

Maybe tomorrow when they're all conscious again.....

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