Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blissful Blessings

DH came home this AM and announced he wants to bake with DS tomorrow...but needed ingredients.  Since I wasn't going to be purchasing anything illegal (Santa Contraband) he asked if I could bring DS with me and I inwardly groaned at the prospect of fighting through the malls and Wally World with him whining at my side.

But I brought him along anyway and off we ventured across snowy roads for the 30 mile drive to town.

First stop was Wally World for Hershey's Kisses, Ice Cream, and other Christmas baking necessities.  We picked up some bows to spruce up our gifts and some gift tags as well as some extra little things to help make the holidays a bit brighter.

And then I thought - I think I'd like Chinese...

The only decent place in town (and I use the word decent in a very liberal fashion) is located "dum-da-dum-dum-DUM) IN the mall. 

And it's 3 days until Christmas.

The parking lot was fairly full but Christ smiled upon me and I got a good parking space.  We went in and ate lunch. 

And the Lord said, "Go to the bookstore".

And I said, "Are you INSANE???"

But I went to the bookstore anyway and lo and behold there was this adorable little girl there who DS befriended immediately.  Her grandmother owns the store and they went up to the office to watch movies.  Their little laughter could be heard throughout the entire shop bringing a merrier tone as people smiled listening to two small children laughing hysterically in the background of Christmas carols.

Using my new found freedom I began to wander aimlessly through the aisles and aisles of books, Bibles, and music.  She also has a small area for homeschool curriculum which I pondered and peered at.  I spent much of my time helping answer questions like "Is Prince Caspian IN The Chronicles of Narnia or ABOUT The Chronicles of Narnia?"  Apparently having an extra Mom available in the store was an asset and I earned a free hot chocolate for DS. :)

And God said, "Go back to the Homeschooling Books".

And again I said, "ARE YOU INSANE???" but went anyway.

So I shuffled through them all again. History, Science, Language Arts...books on how to homeschool, WHY to homeschool, different types of homeschooling. 

In reality this only takes up 5 shelves on a fairly short area less than 8 feet long but since there's only 1-2 of each book there it takes awhile to properly peruse.

And as I picked up a book about classical education I saw there was another hiding behind it.

"The Organized Home Schooler" by Vicki Caruana.

And God said, "Pick it up".

And I said, "Okay".

And I picked it up and read the back, perused the Table of Contents and thought - hmmm....

If EVER I needed 1 homeschooling book in my arsenal...

God interrupted, "THIS IS IT".

And I said, "Okay".

So I decided to carry it around the store a bit and see if it grew on me.  Yes, I had the money to spend, but wanted to use those $$ for curriculum and not a book for ME.

And the more I thought about it the more He said, "THIS IS IT".

So I carried it with me up to the coffee counter (did I mention this particular Christian book store has a coffee shoppe inside?  Fabulous!) and the barrista looked at my selection and said, "Oh!  I have that book and just love it.  It hasn't helped me a BIT because I have to DO what it says, but I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful."

And God said, "SEE???"

And I responded, "Well, we've only been homeschooling for a few months and I thought it just might help me get going."

And the cashier (the barrista's sister - both daughters of the owner) said, "Oh, you're just getting started.  If you can only buy 1 book, that's the one I'd pick!"

And God said, "SEE??????"

And then my coffee was done and the barrista asked if I wanted the book too and I could feel God glaring at the back of my head so I handed it to her and purchased the book and the coffee.

And the owner smiled at her daughters and said, "There's a table over there if you would like to read it while your son finishes watching the movie."

And God said, "SEE????????"

So I went and sat.  I only got a few pages into the book before I had to go but for the first time in probably nearly 6 months I felt relaxed and whole.

God saved me today with a book and a good cup of joe. 

Merry Christmas.  May you find your little piece of peace this Christmas Season.

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