Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Many Blessings of Homeschooling

So DS comes to me two days ago and announces "Mom, I just don't feel that I'm LEARNING anything - could we try something else?"'re 6.

So we got into a discussion of what he would like to DO and what he would like to SEE and what he thought would be good/helpful/etc.

And then Mom took that information and armed with the internet searched out her "original plans" for switching to "real" curriculum in January after 6 months of unschooling/deschooling/mish-mosh of curriculum.  And thought it was all good.

And then she thought about it again and pulled up the websites.  Yup - still sold on Math U See - check.  One down.

Looked again at the "core curriculum" we were looking at using - 1st Step - which was, to me a-ok.

And then I looked closer and READ the descriptions and decided maybe elementary wasn't right - maybe starter for 1 semester and THEN elementary.

So I went in and looked at starter.  And thought - hmmm....well, don't need this, don't need that - he already knows this, he doesn't need that....

And ended up with a VERY holy curriculum - as in with holes, not Christ-like.

Well, that just wasn't going to do but I'd get back to that in a bit.

Onto handwriting - the only other curriculum I had "pre-selected".  I went in, I read, I looked at reviews on Cathy Duffy and several other sites.

And I thought - this is great - we'll keep this and add the reading and phonics to help round out curriculum.

And that night I went to bed at 5:00 AM.

To wake up the next morning at 9:00 AM and start ALL OVER with the questioning.

On and on this went for now 3 days straight until I arrived at what seemed like a good plan somewhere in the middle of this afternoon.

So, if you're interested and have managed to make it through this much rambling, here it is:

First Steps
Starter Creative Writing II
Starter History: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient India and China, and Ancient Rome

Math U See
Alpha - (scared about not using primer but it seems too baby - not all that sure yet - may just order both and resell the one I don't use)

Explode The Code
Still a toss up of where we're starting but at least I know this is what we're using - possibly with Beyond the Code - maybe not - still debating that one....

Science - well, let's just say I've officially decided for the remainder of the year I'm going to pick everyone else's brain and let Grandpas and Daddy handle the rest.

And there I sit - at 10:42 PM after 3 whole days of pouring over I don't know HOW many sites.

Oh yes - and it's already in a rubric to complete the year....

....just so I can fling it all out when the curriculum gets here and rewrite it. I can fling it all out again after 2 weeks with the curriculum and change it. I can fling it all out yet again and start from scratch.

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