Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December - the month of long nights and significantly less sleep

So I have noticed a pattern in my behavior since DS's revelation on Dec. 9th...I'm becoming a neurotic nutcase.

You will note the time of this blog posting is, to say the very least, on the verge of obscene.

Want to guess what I've been doing since 9:00??

Plotting how to make 2 years of science and history curriculum fit into 18 months (13 w. summer break).

Have I gone completely crazy - quite possibly.

While doing my plotting and planning I took the liberty of googling different subjects and hunted down side info and strumbled on something that may just solve my late night dilemma...

....in service days.

How, you ask, did I miss this little tidbit of epiphany previously???

Not sure - but clearly Christ had a reason for waiting until 1:00 AM today to reveal it to me.

So, if you're not already familiar with this concept, allow me to explain.

Many of us attend homeschool conferences as an opportunity to enrich both our homeschooling and our own lives.  We have the chance to meet with friends, research options for the upcoming year, and in general, recharge our schooling batteries.

I, like so many other moms in rural areas, don't have that option available.  Traveling to the nearest homeschool conference to where I live that I would even consider attending would likely be a multiple day affair - and that's just getting there.  The expenses of such a trip would more than double my yearly homeschooling costs.

So, as you can see, recharging my batteries the "normal" way is simply not an option for me (and neither is running to the store for tylenol in the middle of the night because someone is ill - sorry - you'll have to wait until the AM and deal with Mom's homemade remedies until then).

So, what's a Mom to do?

Well, this Mom is scheduling her first "in service day" imminently.  Obviously this week is out with Christmas in only a few days.  But NEXT week a little bird told me this morning that DH has an extra day off...

...."in service day" for Mom?  Possibly.  But if there's one thing being the wife of a PTSD/TBI/disabled veteran has taught me, time to myself isn't time to myself when he has DS.  I love him - please don't get me wrong ladies I love him with all my heart....but he can't handle home.  EVER.



So, the option becomes how/when.  Since I already have the remainder of this year covered I have developed one last plan before I say bon soir and take my very tired eyes and hands to bed.

This summer, when I go home to visit my family, I am saving up my $$.  I will give myself a 2 day teacher "in service" from the time I get up and put my bag in the car until the following evening.  Because they live in the middle of EVERYTHING I can likely go to curriculum shops as well as get wifi just about anywhere and, as an added benefit, everyone there has a POA so unless it's life or death there's no need to disturb me.

Okay okay - so my "in service" isn't going to be just about homeschooling.  It's going to be about making ME a better teacher and, subsequently, a better Mom and better wife.

And I don't think it's possible to put a price tag on that feeling. :)

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