Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bountiful Baskets 3/24/2012

THIS is my Bountiful Basket from today. It is sitting on top of my deep freezer in my mudroom for lack of a better home for it to take a picture. Real estate (as you can see on the edges) is at a premium. Ignore the trash bag covering the window, that's so the dog will actually SLEEP in the morning rather than waking me up at the crack of dawn.

Contained in my basket this week was:

1 Pineapple
1 Yellow Honeydew
1 bag +3 small Green Apples (TrainBoy ate one on the way home)
9 Bananas
6 d'Anjou Pears
2 overflowing pints of Cherry Tomatoes
5 Scallions (large green onions)
2.5 lbs. Green Beans
1 bundle of Asparagus
1 HUGE head of Romaine Lettuce
1 large head of cauliflower

What did I pay for this basket of GORGEOUS produce, all in it's prime and not a single item I wouldn't have taken as "first pick" at a grocery store? $15.

HOW did I manage this feat? I used Bountiful Baskets. They're in 19 states and growing every week. Place your order on Monday, pick up on Saturday. It's just that simple. Don't need one next week? Don't order one. No obligation to continue buying whatsoever. Just enjoy what you get and order when you need more. To find out if they're available in YOUR area, visit

Beyond this I am looking at this BEAUTIFUL bounty and my recipes are FLYING around in my brain.  I'm so excited to have this fresh, gorgeous produce to play with over the next week or two.  I think I have some fun ideas.

Cauliflower Gratin (Cauliflower, Scallions)
Banana Topper (Bananas) - at the request of TrainBoy
Green Beans Almondine (Green Beans, Scallions)
Romaine Lettuce Roll Ups (Romaine, maybe some Cherry Tomatoes?)
Asparagus Toss (Asparagus, Scallions, Cherry Tomatoes)
Baked Apples (Apples)

Most of this will, however, be eaten either fresh or steamed and "au natural". 

I will note that as of this posting, 1/3 of the pears are gone, and more of the apples have disappeared. 

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