Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rounding another corner

Curriculum selection for 2010-2011 is under way here at Purple Heart Academy. We're currently hunting for a good grammar program - that's about it.

Looks like the tentative roll call for "2nd Grade" will be:

Math ~ Math U See (if it ain't broke, why fix it? - we LOVE this program!!!)

History ~ Homemade program. We're moving into my "specialty" areas in history and I'm greatly looking forward to just having fun with history instead of trying to "conform" to a curriculum that just doesn't light J3 up.

Science ~ Homemade program. Same as above - the "official" texts just made us sad so we're sticking with our own homemade program that's directed delight driven.

Language Arts ~ Reading to coincide with the history and science.

Spelling ~ Still in Question - leaning towards Spelling Workouts.

Grammar ~ LOVE Language Fundamentals by Evan Moor - I think that's going to be a DEFINITE program for us this year....but still debating with some other good stuff.

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